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DFW Tree Services offers services to fit almost any project and budget. Our outdoor home maintenance programs are custom-tailored to your tree trimming needs. You will discover that a properly cared-for tree actually needs less pruning and there is never a need for tree topping or lion tailing.

Removal? No problem. Our tree service removal options include removing the tree trunk and/or grinding away the stump. All of our work is insured, professional, and economical.

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Here are some of the options DFW Tree Trimming Service offers:

Tree Trimming Service: Our basic service includes top-quality, careful, elegant, tree trimming to enhance and protect your home. We don’t cut away too much, as it actually makes tree grow back faster requiring more visits. Learn More!

Tree Removal Service: Sometimes a tree has got to go. Perhaps because of its health, size, or your renovation needs, the best thing to do is have the tree (safely) removed! Don’t DIY or trust it to amateurs. Learn More!

Stump Removal Service: Don’t be stumped about what to do with an old tree stump! No matter the size, we can get in their with our professional tools, heavy-duty winches, and good ol’ fashioned manpower to pull it out from the roots and out of your life. Learn More!

Stump Grinding Service: Sometimes in doing our tree service removal isn’t possible for extra large stumps. Instead, we turn to one of our tree stump grinders to economically eradicate the tree stump and roots. Discounts offered on multiple tree stumps, Learn More!

Emergency Tree Removal Service: No tree trimming service is complete without offering emergency tree removal – we are available 24/7 if necessary! If a tree has fallen putting your property (or yourself) in danger, give us a call immediately so we can help! Learn More!

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