How Do I Find Tree Trimming Near Me?

If you are a homeowner with trees on your property, you’re very likely going to need to hire a tree trimmer or do it yourself. If you are hiring a tree trimmer, you probably want one that’s local to your area. How do you find them, and just as important, what should you ask when you get them on the phone?  Like many other Dallas Fort Worth residents you may find yourself asking, “How Do I Find Tree Trimming Near Me?”

Tree Trimming Referrals

A good place to find a tree trimmer near you is to ask your friends and neighbors. There may be someone in the area that trims their trees, and if you like the look of their yard you can give them a call. You may also see a sign on a truck or get a flyer in your mailbox for someone with a local number. Sometimes hardware stores or supermarkets will also advertise local tree trimming businesses.

Google Search “Tree Trimming”

Of course, you can always type “tree trimming near me” into Google, and you will get back thousands of results. While most of these are likely reputable companies, you have to remember that some of these spots are ads and others are organic results. You may want to try the organic listings first.


You certainly can search your local craigslist for tree trimming and find an inexpensive service, but buyer beware. There is a higher chance of fraud and/or shoddy service because there is little oversight of their postings.

Angie’s List or Yelp!

Many consumers also look for tree trimmers local to their area through recommendation services like Angie’s List or Yelp. These can sometimes help give you real reviews from actual customers. However, you must remember that people are more likely to post a negative review than a positive, leaving these sites perhaps a bit biased. Their ratings systems can also be skewed; for example if only one person leaves a review for a company on Angie’s List and it’s an F, the company itself gets an F.

Yellow Pages or Local Directory

Believe it or not, there still are Yellow Pages or Local Directories and people use them. If you’ve got a current one, instead of using it as a door stop, check out tree trimming companies listed inside.

What to Ask Your Local Tree Trimmer

Now that you’ve gotten 2 or 3 names to choose from, pick up the phone and give them a call. Here are the top 5 things you should ask them:

  1. Are you insured and permitted? All reputable tree trimmers should have insurance that protects you (and them) from any accidents. Make sure they can present you with current insurance and permits to work.
  2. Will you give me a full estimate in writing? As we explained in an earlier post, there are many factors that go into consideration when doing a tree removal or trimming. While most estimates are usually free, for certain jobs sometimes a Certified Arborist is necessary, who may charge a small fee.
  3. Do you require a down payment? Some tree trimming services may ask for partial payment up front but the most reputable ones do not. Make sure the agreement is to pay after the job is done, preferably with a major credit card.
  4. Will you remove all the debris? Some tree trimming companies may charge less for their services, but there may be a hidden catch: you have to have all the wood or debris removed! Having to hire a hauling company may quickly erase any savings.
  5. Can you give me a timeline for the job? For larger tree removal projects, this is crucial. Make sure it’s included in the contract.

Conclusion: DFW Tree Trimming is near you if you live in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. We are

  1. Fully insured and permitted. DFW Tree Services has the protection that covers your property and our workers. We are licensed to do business in Dallas Ft. Worth.
  2. Our estimates are free and in writing. (We do charge a small fee for our Certified Arborist estimate.)
  3. There is no down payment required and we accept all major credit cards.
  4. The price is all-inclusive. We will leave your property better than when we found it – with all the debris removed!
  5. Our contract will include a timeline to get the job finished.

Now that you’ve read the entire where can I find tree trimming near me article, you’ve found us! Contact DFW Services today!


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