Free Trees via Dallas Reforestation Program

Psst – want some trees for free? The City of Dallas has created the Dallas Reforestation Program in order to plant more trees in public areas. Trees beautify neighborhoods, cool the sidewalks and streets in the summer months, and help keep the air clean year-round. The Dallas Reforestation Program seeks to work with businesses, individuals, […]


Tree Removal Dallas Requirements

Trees are an essential part of our communities and their preservation is important in both public and private spaces. As such, there certain regulations regarding tree removal Dallas homeowners should be aware of. If you have a large property with lots of trees you should probably get to know your City Arborist. The City of […]

How Do I Find Tree Trimming Near Me?

If you are a homeowner with trees on your property, you’re very likely going to need to hire a tree trimmer or do it yourself. If you are hiring a tree trimmer, you probably want one that’s local to your area. How do you find them, and just as important, what should you ask when […]

Trees to plant in Dallas

Types of Trees to Plant in Dallas Ft Worth

The Dallas – Ft. Worth area is home to an amazing variety of beautiful, hearty trees. This is, in part due to the Dallas Urban Forestry program, which envisions all of Dallas as a city of tree-lined streets. There are many types of trees to plant in Dallas that do well in our environment.  Fun […]

can you make your neighbor trim their trees

Can I Make My Neighbor Trim Their Trees?

“Love Thy Neighbor” is the old adage, but when it comes trees, things can sometimes get ugly. I’m specifically talking about a very common feud between neighbors: tree branches, tree trunks, or tree roots that cross the other’s boundary. Sometimes this can merely cause ire, other times the intrusion may be damaging or dangerous to […]

do you tip tree trimmers?

Do You Tip Tree Trimmers?

Tree trimming is a specialized service with trained employees who are very skilled at their task. A question that is on a lot of homeowner’s minds is do you tip tree trimmers? Tipping is a custom that we normally associate with waiters and other service-oriented occupations such as valets, barbers, and bartenders. However, for many […]

man cutting down tree's with chainsaw

How Much to Remove My Tree? Top Factors That Impact Tree Removal Cost

Removing a tree from a property is a major task that should be done only by experienced professionals. Finding the right company to perform the highly skilled task is an important job. Of course, one of the main things on most people’s minds is: how much will it cost to remove my tree? In order […]

woman on bench in park with low tree branches

What to Do When Your Tree Branches Get Too Low

Low Tree Branches Need to Be Trimmed or Removed Trees in nature are often beautifully unkempt, sometimes with large, long branches sweeping low to the ground. This is lovely for shade, dramatic in fall, and perhaps great for children to play on. However, in some urban situations it becomes necessary to remove these lower branches; […]

dfw tree services

Types of Trimming We Offer… and Two We DON’T Do!

Before Hiring Tree Trimming Service, Know The Types Tree trimming is an important step in making sure they have a long-lasting life. Here are some of the trimming services we perform and two types we AVOID at all costs! Here’s What We Do Crown Cleaning: This is primarily done on hardwoods and helps them let […]

Umbrella in a Storm

How Storms Damage Your Trees

Severe Weather Is Inevitable – Protect Your Trees Severe weather, such as what we get here in North Central Texas, can do much damage not just to buildings, power lines, and roads but also to our trees.  This particular storm season has been especially destructive – 80 mph winds were reported in East Dallas that […]

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